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Andy Semotiuk is one of the top immigration lawyers in North America because he is one of the few such lawyers who actually practices both U.S. and Canadian immigration law and has offices in both countries.

Since 1974, the immigration lawyer Andy Semotiuk has helped over 10,000 clients with various legal problems.

Andy Semotiuk works with
– investors,
– executives,
– professionals, and
– celebrities in the entertainment industry.

As a member of the bars in Ontario, British Columbia in Canada and New York and California in the United States, Andy is well versed in both US and Canadian immigration laws. This allows him to fully understand the circumstances and the technicalities involved when dealing with immigration across the U.S.-Canadian border, as well as dealing with immigrants who are coming from abroad.

Whether you are looking to get your work visa, permanent resident status, a passport or having your family members join you, rely on the experience of Andy J. Semotiuk.

The results you receive could profoundly change your life and the life of your entire family.

Andy Semotiuk is an authority on the topic of U.S. and Canadian immigration, writing articles for Forbes as well as speaking internationally on the subject.

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