What is Lawyers Dens?

Lawyers Dens is the Largest Legal Marketing network In CANADA. The online directory that helps consumers and businesses find a lawyer or law firm based on location and many other filter options.

Do I have to register prior to using the site?

Lawyers Dens is open to the public for use without the need of creating a profile.

Is Lawyers Dens free to use?

Lawyers Dens is FREE to the public who use our website to seek legal advice.

What is Lawyers Dens?

Lawyers Dens gives lawyers and law firms online visibility so that they can attract and assist more clients. With various options available, lawyers can easily list and best promote their firm, and expand their client base.

Lawyers, Law firms and Paralegals need a steady source of new business. Leads. Lawyers Dens helps you benefit from exposure to the large traffic of  consumers and businesses who visit our website monthly. We drive real time leads to lawyers, and law firms through listing their professional online profiles.

Start growing with us today!!

Do I Have to Register?

Lawyers/Marketing companies must create a profile so they are able to add their lawyer listings.

Is Lawyers Dens Free to Use?

Lawyers Dens charges a Membership fee for lawyers, law firms and/or marketing companies for them to be able to create a profile and list their lawyer(s).

What is Included in The Membership Packages?

Please refer to our Membership(s) page

How Can I Cancel?

You can cancel anytime at no additional fee/charge, either through your account, payment gateway or by simply emailing us to do so.